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Ruby started DJing for the west coast swing dance community in 2008 in Houston, TX. My love of music is only rivaled by my love of dancing. I really do spend countless hours seeking out new music to share with west coast swing dance community. I love to see a floor packed with dancers and playing music that makes people want to dance.

My music sets contain a mixture of genres to keep the dancers on the floor all night long, including pop, swing, R&B, blues, etc. I avoid playing explicit or profane songs in my sets. I frequently DJ parties, dances, and west coast swing events locally and nationally.

  • Started dancing west coast swing in 2004
  • Started DJing for west coast swing in 2008
  • Member of Global Swing DJs Group
  • Nominated for WAG Award as 2010 DJ of the Year
  • 2010 DJ of the Year – Allswing DJ Group
  • 2014 DJ Hall of Fame – Global Swing DJs Group
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Things you love more ?
I love my family more than anything !
Things you hate more ?
I hate being late :)
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Luther Vandross
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Favorite meal
I love Cajun food
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